Teal Pumpkin

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This teal pumpkin is perfect for your decor this Halloween. Food allergies can be a huge concern when trick or treating and even take the fun out going door to door to see what kind of treats you can collect. Now thanks to the teal pumpkin project you just display a teal pumpkin so those with food allergies and sensitivities know you can offer a non-food treat. Place it in your window or even on your desk, the possibilities are endless. This soft crochet pumpkin is an adorable addition to your decor to show your support. Made of soft yarn with a cinnamon stick as the stem.

Available in 3 different sizes (S,M,L) or you can get a complete set with one of each size

Small is approx 3.5"h x2.5"w

Medium is approx 4.5"h x4"w

Large is approx 6"h x5"w

Each pumpkin is handmade to order and available in 3 different sizes. Please allow 7 days for shipping


*Due to difference in screens in monitors the exact color my vary slightly