Meet The Maker

Ashley of Lady Ashley Designs

Hey there!

My name is Ashley and here I am on a typical Friday night trying to tell you a bit about me, talking about myself however makes me feel all weird and is not my favorite thing to do.

So I'm going to sit down with my glass of whiskey and tell you a bit more about myself.
These typically all start the same so let me dive right in, I am Connecticut born and raised and although I currently have no desire to live anywhere else I do love to travel and see new places. I have always loved crafts and have tried my hands at many different things I dabble in them all still but crochet has taken over my thoughts, my time and most definitely my living room. There is something so satisfying about seeing someone with one of my items and know that with my own two hands I turned a few balls of yarn into their most loved accessory. Don't even get my started on seeing all the cute little babies bundled in their hats and matching booties. It seriously gives me all the feels and I want to pass that right along to each and every one of you.

Now that you know that small bit, let's get to the nitty gritty. In 2011 with the help of youTube and a really terrible snow storm I taught myself how to make my very first hat and that sparked this passion for crochet. To this day I still wear that hat (often it doesn't even match my outfit LOL but that's okay). Living in CT this skill has come handy in my own life so I decided to share with the world.  
Besides the crafty part of my life let's get a little personal. I am a Psychology student and looking to be an art therapist once I graduate. I come from a large family and many of my siblings have already given me some of the most amazing nieces and nephews. I absolutely love being an auntie and cannot wait to have my own children. Although I don't have my own yet I was a foster mom for two years. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I could ever have. Many say those children needed me but I totally needed them. My heart will forever be full.
Well, my glass is about empty and I survived. I hope you learned a bit more about me be and if you've made it this far, I'd love to offer you a discount code for bareing with me so enter in code WHISKEY at checkout.